Pledge for a cure

Reverse Rett has pledged £1 million over the next three years to help drive Roadmap to a Cure all the way home.

Raising this amount of money requires the urgent support of the Rett community in the UK. We cannot rely on government, companies, foundations or celebrities to make this happen for our children. We need to do the work ourselves.

We are asking Rett families and their networks of relatives, friends and colleagues in the UK to make three-year pledges to support this effort.

We have the opportunity now, as never before, to drive the research to a cure.

If you are the parent of someone with Rett Syndrome, this could be the most important and life-changing investment you ever make for your daughter with Rett.

If you would like to make a one time donation, you can do so on the Just Giving campaign page here.

If you would like to make a three year pledge in support of the three year Roadmap effort, please fill out the form below.

The first £25,000 in pledges made to Reverse Rett in 2017 will be matched £1 for £1 by John and Maureen Sharpe, for the love of their six-year old grand-daughter, Amber.

Pledges can be paid out on a schedule that’s comfortable for you. Please contact Rachael Stevenson at rachael@reverserett.org.uk to dicuss your pledge