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The funds you raise will pay for vital research which will lead to treatments and a cure for Rett Syndrome. Whether you already know what you want to do, or need ideas to get you started, follow the steps below to get your fundraising underway today.

Quickstart Guide

Download our Action Pack for an A-Z of fundraising ideas and helpful tips re how to raise as much as you can.

Set up a Just Giving page so that friends and family can easily sponsor you on line.

Send us an email and tell us what you are doing. We'll always be happy to hear from you.

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All the resources you need for your fundraising can be found below. For hard copies of any of these forms, please email us at enquiries@reverserett.org.uk

Pledge your birthday

Donate your next birthday to change the lives of people with Rett Syndrome and related MECP2 disorders. It's easy. Make your pledge today.

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Find a fundraising event

  • Order your ‘Change is Possible’ box

    31 Mar

    Save your loose change between now and December and DOUBLE your donation to Reverse Rett in the Big Give Christmas Challenge...

  • Rhea Kara Art

    01 Apr

    After an incredible year in 2016, Rhea Kara's award-winning artwork is now available to buy online all year round! Her unique...

  • Pledge Your Birthday

    02 Apr

    Pledging your birthday is a really easy way to raise crucial funds for Rett research as well as getting your family and friends...

  • A Musical Extravaganza for Amber & Beth

    02 Apr

    There will be a Musical Extravaganza in honour of Amber and Beth in Prestatyn.

    It will be held at the Alive Church in the town...

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