Tell us who you are

Pictured above, some of our most committed fundraisers at the 2nd Changemakers workshop in London

We need a lot of help to speed treatment for Rett Syndrome. If you are reading this, no doubt you are looking for something that you can do to make a difference. It helps us enormously to know who you are, what you can do and what you might be willing to do to help us do what we do better.

As potential treatments and therapies become available in the UK,  it will be critical for us to have specific information with regards to the UK population of girls and women with Rett Syndrome available, so that we can contact families as necessary, if you are a friend of a family who have a child with a diagnosis tell us who you are and join our mailing list.

Please register your child here.

Registering your child with us is confidential.

Thank you.