Do One Thing!



For Rett Syndrome Awareness Month this year, we’re asking you to do just one thing. Your thing. Anything! 

You could go for a run, hold a bake sale, do a sponsored silence, swim a mile, give up chocolate, run a coffee morning, write to your local newspaper, climb a mountain, sit in a bath of baked beans or eat a bucket of brussel sprouts!

Anything goes and we can’t wait to see what weird and wonderful ideas you come up with!

Of course, we’re not going to be just sitting back and watching your amazing efforts from our sofas! The Reverse Rett team are each going to be doing ‘one thing’ as well. Here’s what we’ve got planned . . . 

“I started running during lockdown as a way to stay fit(ish) and sane (ish), so I decided to register for the Battersea 10k as my ‘Do One Thing’ Challenge for Rett Syndrome Awareness Month. But as I started to see other people’s challenges coming in I felt that I wanted to push myself a bit harder. For a nano-second, I thought about joining the amazing Louise Wainwright and shaving my head. That moment passed! Then, like millions of others, I was inspired by the London Marathon runners and decided to bite the bullet and sign up for my first half-marathon. The Wimbledon Common half-marathon is on 31st October, so perfect timing to round off awareness month!”



“Like Beth, I only started walking/running during lockdown.  By doing this, it got me out into the fresh air.  I discovered parks and places within a short distance from where I live that I had never seen before and I have lived here for 26 years! We are surrounded by beautiful countryside.  For my One Thing,  I have decided to climb Mount Snowdon. This was always a wish of mine but did not think I was fit enough.  Thanks to activities during lockdown, I feel I could give it a go!”



“In the past couple of years my daughter, Beth and stepdaughter, Amber have both lost the ability to chew and swallow safely. They now have to eat blended or pureed food and some of their favourite things are now completely off the menu.

Like them I am quite greedy and this has been distressing for all of us. For my one thing I want to raise awareness for something that a lot of people with Rett Syndrome go through. My girls are 26 and 21 so I also wanted to let people know that Rett Syndrome is relentless, it keeps on taking from our children.

Myself and my fundraising sidekick, Gary Chambers will be blending all our food for the 31 days of October, eating no solids at all. I know we will struggle but at least our pain will end with a pizza on November 1st, theirs continues.”



October is Rett Syndrome Awareness Month. Therefore the “One Thing” that I want to accomplish is to climb Mount Snowdon with my work colleagues.



“I will also be joining my colleagues on the Snowdon trip. The opportunity to do something I’ve always wanted to do, as well as helping raise awareness of Rett Syndrome, was an opportunity I had to be part of. I also have another ‘One Thing’ up my sleeve which will be revealed at a later date. Watch this space ;)”



Whilst of course it’s fantastic if your challenge can raise funds via donations or sponsorship, this isn’t a requirement of taking part. 

All we ask is that your challenge is safe and that you share your brilliant efforts on social media and let others know what you’re up to and why – you might just inspire them to get involved too!

All participants will receive a Reverse Rett pin and certificate of achievement.

You can find full details and sign up here.

What will YOUR One Thing be?