Published: 13/07/2020

July 31 2020: Friday Night Dance Party

On Friday 31st July at 6pm, Sutton Community Dance will host a FREE online dance party to raise awareness and funds for Reverse Rett.

Sutton Community Dance are a fantastic family-led company spreading the joy of dance and doing some amazing community and charity work too.

Every Friday, they host a FREE online 30 minute dance party open to anyone and everyone!

On Friday 31st July, the dance party will be dedicated to Reverse Rett, in honour of Hannah Johnsson, whose family are close friends with Gemma and Adam who run SCD.

The party is FREE! All you have to do is login via Zoom using the details below and join in!

It’s 30 minutes of informal dance fun which absolutely ANYONE can join.

Join in, have fun, spread some joy!

Zoom ID: 286637621