Published: 23/04/2020

Pledge Your Birthday

Celebrating a birthday whilst in lockdown can be tough – unable to get together with those you love, not being able to share the celebrations and missing out on gifts and cards for your special day.

BUT it is a great opportunity to do something brilliant with your birthday instead!

Pledging your birthday to charity is super-simple via Facebook and a really easy way to raise critically-needed funds.

Simply select ‘fundraisers’ from the left-hand list on Facebook, then select the charity, enter your details, and you’re off! Share with friends and family and let them know why you are choosing to support Reverse Rett.

If you’re not on Facebook, it’s also really easy to set up a JustGiving page to celebrate your birthday and ask for donations.

In these critical times, every donation really does make a difference. You may not have the birthday you had imagined, but you can still truly make it count!

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