5 x 50

By Beth Johnsson

Four young children, the daily demands of a child with Rett Syndrome, full-time work and a newly acquired kitten are more than enough to fill my days.

Finding time to eat, sleep and think clearly is often challenging enough.

So why am I signing up (again!) to the 5×50 challenge – committing myself to finding the time for a 5k walk every day for 50 consecutive days?

Because this: fitting in a 5k walk might not be easy, but nothing is easy for Hannah. Nothing.

Taking one step is a struggle, breathing is a battle, even sleeping is stressful.

For Hannah, walking 5kms is an impossible dream. For me, it’s a privilege, and the least I can do to help change my daughter’s future.

Please, join me!

Anyone can do the 5×50, anywhere in the world, any fitness level, any age.

Simply register at the link below, set up your JustGiving page and wait for 22nd May to kick off your challenge! We’ll be in it together, rain or shine, making change happen!

Click here to sign up