Episode #16 Paul Field


What can I say about this week’s podcast conversation? Paul is a Londoner-Kiwi, Master of Philosophy and History, a runner, a former Disability Access worker and most significantly, father to Eowyn and Jake.

Paul and Eowyn’s mother met in the 70’s and had Eowyn when they were both just 20 years old. When they couldn’t find an answer to what was happening to their baby in New Zealand, they got on a plane, heading for Great Ormond Street to do whatever they could to help their little girl.

If you’re in need of an emotional lift today, look no further. Paul’s is a story of deep love, but also loss; of adventure and hope and  infinite death defying dedication to his beloved daughter.

I am grateful to Paul for his generosity in sharing the story of his beautiful girl. We hope you get something out of it too. Please also leave us a review/comment and above all, please subscribe on whatever platform you listen to podcasts on.

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