Episode #18 Sara Meredith


Today my guest on the Reverse Rett Podcast is Sara Meredith, mum of five, writer, storyteller, blogger, and all round hard-loving human.

Sara’s third daughter Livvy, was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome after a familiar ongoing struggle to convince professionals that something  was wrong.  Sara spent the next several years, doing everything she could to give Livvy and her other three daughters, as equal a life as possible, with a positivity which shines through ‘Living Like Livvy,’ Livvy’s story, which was published in 2018 by Andre Govier with all proceeds to benefit Reverse Rett.

Throughout this conversation, Sara and I laugh and cry; there are moments so saturated with emotion that neither of us can speak.

We talk about what it was like for Sara, as a writer, to have someone else write her most important story. We talk about Livvy’s devastating sudden death and the gentleman pathologist who helped the family find answers. And we talk about the family’s decision to later foster and ultimately adopt Daniel, a gorgeous six year old boy who also has complex disabilities.

This episode may be raw, and stricken with grief but it’s wholeheartedly drenched in love and joy and yes, the permission to feel.

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Living like Livvy by Andre Govier

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