Episode #4 Rita Ross


This week’s podcast guest is fellow Reverse Rett Co-Founder and Trustee, Rita Ross.

Rita and I met over a decade ago, when a small group of parents formed the charity back in 2009.

Apart from the fact that Rita had a successful career in banking as well as a young daughter, Frankie who has Rett, I didn’t really know anything about her. Even after all these years of shared interest in our common goal, we still barely ever get the time to sit down and talk. 

In this episode, we talk about now teenage Frankie and how it is having a child or adolescent with Rett to care for, whilst trying to hold down a job.  

Rita shares openly about Frankie’s early health concerns, her diagnosis of Rett and the love and support which carried the family through.

We talk about the hope that Rita has for Frankie’s future, the tenacity required for living life with Rett (for parents too) and the vitality of validating Frankie’s frustration and all the dreams she has inside herself.

It was a pleasure to spend this time with Rita and to hear more about how Frankie is getting on.

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