I Am His Voice

By Maja Flak

When I became pregnant, I dreamt about reading aloud to my child. Eventually, one day, he’d read aloud to me. Sadly, my boy might never be able to read. He turns 13 soon, and I’m still reading aloud to him. It actually took many years, before Tobias accepted the reading-ritual. He preferred the iPad over my voice. Somehow I was fine with that – if it works, it works, right?

Then in 2015, I saw people talk about the book ’The rabbit who wants to fall asleep’. This book was promising, but I was sceptical. Nevertheless, I bought it. The first time I read it, Tobias was listening – calm and smiling – he fell asleep to the story. He fell asleep to my voice. I was so happy.

I kept reading this book for about a week, every night and every time Tobias had to nap. Then I decided to read something else. I knew that a ’baby-book’ would do no good, so I actually bought the first Harry Potter book.

I started reading aloud in 2015. Now in 2020, I’ve read the whole Harry Potter series twice and many more books. Tobias falls asleep, with no stressful cartoon or sounds. To me, it’s important to read aloud, because our children hear the words, they follow the adventures.

If you’re child is like mine, and don’t like the reading aloud part, try the rabbit book. Then pick a book that’s full of adventure.

Harry Potter is my son’s favourite magical world, and reading gives me an opportunity to talk to him about the characters and what we’ve read so far. It really is quality time.

Maja, mom to a boy who has Rett Syndrome.