Introducing #freefromrett our summer campaign


by Andy Stevenson

As the country begins to open up and some kind of normality begins to return to our lives, please spare a thought for people with Rett Syndrome.

Fundraising is slowly beginning again but not in the numbers charities, especially rare disease ones like Reverse Rett, anticipated.

That’s why we’ve launched the #freefromrett summer campaign.

We are asking supporters and the wider public to donate just £5 to help us continue our vital work. It’s an exciting time with the CIPP Rett Centre working at full throttle making life better for everyone living with Rett and another UK clinical trial now underway.

With more clinical trials imminent, including gene therapy for a potential cure we need your help more than ever.

Please consider donating £5 at the link below and please share the #freefromrett campaign on all your social media pages.

Thank you for helping get so far!

DONATE £5 to the #freefromrett campaign HERE