Published: 16/03/2021

April 30 2021: Bitesize: Eye Care & Vision in Rett Syndrome

Friday 30th April at 10am.

Dr Gael Gordon has been practising as an optometrist for nearly 30 years. She is a Senior Lecturer in Optometry at Glasgow Caledonian University and has been working for a number of years as the Lead for the Learning Disability Clinic in the University’s Vision Centre. She is also the very proud mum to a 15 year old daughter who has Rett Syndrome.

People with learning disabilities in general are ten times more likely to have problems with their eyes or their eyesight than the general population. The good news is that most of these problems can be managed.

Unfortunately, however, people with learning disability are far less likely to be attending the optometrist regularly or to be provided with glasses. Families and carers are sometimes unaware of the importance of regular examinations but they may also worry that an eye examination will be difficult to conduct in their child.

There are of course challenges in examining the eyes of someone with Rett Syndrome but not being able to talk should not be a barrier to good eye care. Optometrists have a range of tests and techniques that they can use to assist them to test the eyes of someone with Rett Syndrome.

This session will discuss the eye examination, eye care and vision in Rett Syndrome.

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