Published: 23/06/2021

Bitesize Recordings

Between March and June our Bitesize sessions have covered a range of topics, drawing on the expertise of clinicians, researchers and parents and providing a wealth of healthcare information to attendees.

Each one of these sessions is now available to watch in full on our YouTube channel and/or via the links below.

Several of the sessions have also been broken down into ‘bitesize’ snippets of 3-4 minutes.

Please remember to subscribe and feel free to pass on any feedback via to help inform our future sessions.

Professor Santosh: Covid19 and Rett Syndrome: What We Know Now

Dr Ram Kumar: Spasticity and Movement Disorders in Rett Syndrome

Dr Chishti and Dr Basheer: Common Health Issues in Rett Syndrome

Dr Gael Gordon: Eye-Care and Vision in Rett Syndrome

Expert Parent-Panel: Scoliosis Surgery

Expert Parent-Panel: Gastrostomies

Expert Parent-Panel: Chest Infections in Rett Syndrome

Expert Parent-Panel: Reflux and related gastrointestinal problems