Katie’s grandad releases his first children’s book


Christian Lockwood loved making up stories for his children when they were growing up and he’s now put them to good use by releasing his first children’s book.

Katie and Grandad’s Amazing Adventures: Falling in a Picture has just been released, with 50% of the profits being donated to Reverse Rett. Christian’s granddaughter, Katie has Rett Syndrome and is the inspiration behind this series of books.

Christian says, “After Katie was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome in her toddler years, one of my first thoughts was ‘I want to raise some money’. After toying with the idea of jumping out of an airplane or auctioning something off, I decided I wanted to write a book. This way I could share my imagination with children all over the world.”

I decided to gift 50% of the profit from the books to Reverse Rett because my daughter, Jessie was already a supporter. Reverse Rett are working on treatments and a cure and that’s where I want the money to go in the hope that Katie, will one day in the future be one of the patients to benefit.

My burning desire is for all children to read Katie and Grandad’s Amazing Adventures and to be excited by each new adventure that they go on.

Our family are fully behind developing a cure for these amazing children and adults.”

Katie with grandad, Christian

The book tells the story of how Katie and grandad go on a whirlwind trip after falling inside a picture; meeting all the marvellous sea life animals from Mrs Turtle to Mrs Crab and Mrs Dolphin who safely get Mr Whale to help blow them home.

Katie and Grandad’s Amazing Adventures: Falling in a Picture is available NOW from Amazon