Medication information: Patient alert from CIPP Rett Centre


Food and fluid thickening powder

The MHRA has issued a warning about a possible harmful interaction between polyethylene glycol laxatives (Movicol, Laxido and Macrogol) and starch-based thickeners. 

The two compounds may counteract each other and when mixed together may result in a thin watery liquid. 

Clinicians, families and caregivers are advised to avoid directly mixing together polyethylene glycol laxatives and starch-based thickeners, especially in patients with dysphagia who are considered at risk of aspiration.

This would include most children and adults with Rett Syndrome. If your child or adult with Rett Syndrome is prescribed a starch based thickener and a polyethylene glycol laxative together, then please contact your GP.

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