New Rett Registry UK launching soon!


Reverse Rett started the Rett Registry UK back in 2014. This year, we have put a lot of time and resource into building the Registry into an interactive app, which isn’t just helpful for us, in terms of recruitment for clinical trials and other research opportunities. We hope it will be useful for you as well.

The new app has a comprehensive suite of features for the parents and carers of people with Rett Syndrome.

Some key elements of the new Rett Registry UK are:

  • all your records in one place
  • you control your records
  • multiple caregivers are able to connect through one individual record
  • security at the heart of the app
  • access to clinical trials
  • inbuilt health checklist
  • community support with the forum
  • downloadable hospital passports for easy access

We hope these features will make life so much easier for those who use it and we can’t wait to share it with you. If you’re already signed up to Reverse Rett’s Patient Registry, there’s no need to do anything – you’ll receive an automatic invite when the new app is ready.

If you’re not signed up, click here to register today and we’ll be in touch!