8th Reverse Rett London Gala


Our heartfelt appreciation goes to all who supported the Reverse Rett London Gala which was held at Church House, Westminster last Friday, November 3rd 2017.

We were overwhelmed by your generosity and willingness to help us give girls and women with Rett a better life.

You made last Friday night a tremendous success, raising £94,565.75 with contributions still coming in every day.

You saw and heard about the devastating effects of Rett Syndrome in the film we showed at the event but we hope that the thing you remember above all about Rett is the possibility it holds.

Rett Syndrome is positioned to be one of the world’s first reversible neurological conditions. Rett has already been proven to be curable in mouse models of the disease.

Reverse Rett funds scientists working to drive this work into a human cure and actively works within the UK medical community to ensure that as treatments and a cure for Rett become viable, they are accessible to patients in the UK.

Your support makes this possible. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


From all of us at Reverse Rett

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