Here you'll find all the latest information on Rett Syndrome research, Reverse Rett and other news that impacts our community.

A New office for a new era

The first official visitor to the new Reverse Rett office, David Starbuck, with co-founders, Rachael and Andy Stevenson

After four years at the delightful Old Parsonage in Didsbury, the Reverse Rett office recently moved across Manchester to...

Rhea’s 2016 journey

by Beth Johnsson

At the end of 2015, it was hard to imagine how Rhea Kara, our youngest ambassador, talented artist and prolific fundraiser, could top the year she’d just had: shortlisted for National Young Fundraiser of the Year, recipient of a...

What’s breathing got to do with it?

By  Dr. J Singh, MSc, PhD

My lungs felt if they were on fire and I could not breathe Daddy.’  This is what my daughter told me one day as she was playing tag in the park during a cold winter’s day. Breathing is fundamental to all life processes;...

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