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How to Host for a Cure

How to Host for a Cure:

Roadmap to a Cure is a comprehensive three-year strategic research plan which will take us closer to the cure for girls and women living with Rett Syndrome worldwide. But it can’t be carried out unless every family affected...



Guest blog post by Gael Gordon PhD.

This week for the first time, I appeared in the Sun.  I would like to make it clear that this was never on my bucket-list but getting the news about Rett Syndrome sometimes means doing stuff like this.  The...

Rhea’s Pride of Britain story continues

Following Rhea Kara’s Pride of Britain award last November and the publicity she attracted, most of us are familiar with her story and with her passion for using her creative talents to fund research to help girls like her friend, Hannah. But what...

A New office for a new era

The first official visitor to the new Reverse Rett office, David Starbuck, with co-founders, Rachael and Andy Stevenson

After four years at the delightful Old Parsonage in Didsbury, the Reverse Rett office recently moved across Manchester to...

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