Eight year old artist Rhea paints for Reverse Rett

Eight year old Rhea Kara is a pupil at Eaton House The Manor Girls' School in London. Rhea had never heard of Rett Syndrome until her school chose Reverse Rett as their charity for 2014 but having heard what happens to girls with Rett Syndrome she decided she wanted to help.

Rhea is a passionate and talented artist and decided to paint 100 canvasses before June 28th 2014 to sell at the Abbeville Fete in Clapham. 

Rhea says, 'I heard about the Reverse Rett charity from my school.  This is a charity run by Mums and Dads of children who suffer from Rett Syndrome. Rett is a disease which does not allow you to use your body anymore. You suddenly can't use your hands or legs. It mostly affects young girls.  I cannot imagine how I would feel if this happened to me - I would not be able to paint or do arts and crafts anymore!' 

'There is not a cure for Rett Syndrome as yet but Reverse Rett are trying to find one. I just wanted to help in the best way I can, doing what I love.'

The school chose Reverse Rett after being nominated by Mrs Roosha Sue, Head of Nursery at the school, whose friend Beth Johnsson's daughter, Hannah, aged seven, suffers from Rett Syndrome.

Mrs Sarah Segrave, Head Mistress at the school says, 'It is always very difficult to choose one charity to support each year as there are so many worthy causes. The final selection is made by the staff and a group of parents, and ideally we like to choose a charity which will be meaningful to the girls at the school. 

We also see it as a good opportunity to raise the profile of smaller charities, and particularly those which we have a connection with. In the case of Reverse Rett, our Head of Nursery, Mrs Roosha Sue, is great friends with a little girl suffering from Rett Syndrome. Even a quick glance at the mission statement on the Reverse Rett website will leave you in no doubt as to the value of this charity.'

Rhea and her Mum, Roshan have set up a fantastic website to showcase her paintings along with a Just Giving page which has already seen a flood of donations in support of this amazing project. Rhea's family have funded all the materials for Rhea's work so every penny she raises from her paintings will benefit Reverse Rett.

If you are interested in buying one of Rhea's paintings then please contact Roshan Kara at claims@allpropertyclaims.co.uk

All of us here at Reverse Rett are delighted to have the support of someone so young....Thank you to Rhea, her family and everyone at Eaton House The Manor Girls' School for getting behind our search for treatments and a cure for Rett Syndrome.