What’s breathing got to do with it?

By  Dr. J Singh, MSc, PhD

My lungs felt if they were on fire and I could not breathe Daddy.’  This is what my daughter told me one day as she was playing tag in the park during a cold winter’s day. Breathing is fundamental to all life processes;...

Professors Bird and Zoghbi win the Shaw Prize

Many congratulations to Professors Adrian Bird and Huda Zoghbi on jointly winning the Shaw Prize for their amazing and ultimately life-changing work for people with Rett Syndrome.

As families of people affected with Rett, we are so lucky to have...

TRIAL Database for Rett Syndrome-Update

Development and Validation of the TRIAL (Tailored Rett Intervention and Assessment Longitudinal) Database for Rett Syndrome – An Update

Over the last two years, Reverse Rett have been working with Dr Santosh and his research team at the Centre for...

RSRT announce 2015 research awards

‘Families who have helped to fund this research have a lot to be proud of!’  Randall Carpenter, Chief Scientific Officer at RSRT.

RSRT has announced their 2015 research awards today. Not only has the amount of funding committed to research projects...

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