devonlive.com: Former Exeter City midfielder Bertie Cozic to run Exeter Marathon for Reverse Rett

Former Exeter City midfielder Bertie Cozic will run this year's Exeter Marathon to raise money for Reverse Rett.

Rett Syndrome is a condition that is close to the popular Frenchman's heart, with his five-year-old daughter Lily Rose being afflicted by it, meaning she is unable to talk and is slowly losing the ability to use her hands and legs.

It is almost exclusively found in girls, with some struggling to breathe because of the condition, and, as yet, there are no approved treatments to help them.

Yet the first UK clinical trials of a drug, called Sarizotan, to combat the effects of Rett syndrome started earlier this month, made possible through a unique collaborative effort between the academic department at King's College London, the clinical service in the South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and the Clinical Research Facility at King's College London.

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