Support for Lottie from the Polperro Fisherman’s Choir

Polperro Fishermen's Choir with their President, Richard Madeley

By Andy Stevenson

Polperro Fishermen's Choir have been entertaining local and visitors to Cornwall since their formation in 1923. They provide the very best in traditional Cornish and modern choral music. In that time a great many charities have benefited from their devotion and love of singing and this year Reverse Rett will be one of them.

David Lashbrooke is Chairman of the choir and is also the Grandad of Lottie, aged 6 who has Rett Syndrome. David has been watching the Rett research developments with interest and decided to ask the choir to get involved in our search for a cure.

David says, 'Lottie is a very happy and loving little girl who likes music and enjoys coming to Cornwall. The fact that the specific genetic mutation has not only been identified but has been reversed in the lab followed by this year's first UK Clinical Trial and Roadmap to a Cure announcement is such a positive sign, that supporting Reverse Rett gives hope to us all'.

'The members of Polperro Fishermen's Choir were so moved by Lottie's story that they voted unanimously to support the charity.

The choir also have the support of their President, broadcaster and writer, Richard Madeley who added 'Having a daughter myself, I realise how devastating it must be to a family to receive a diagnosis of Rett Syndrome. The charity Reverse Rett gives them hope and I fully support the efforts of the Choir to raise money for this important cause'.

The choir will be holding five free concerts during the summer where they will be raising money for their nominated charities. They get large audiences of locals and visitors from all over the world who are very generous with their donations. The concerts have been described as one of Cornwall's ten best 'free secrets' in the book Cornwall for Free. Author, Rachael Rowe says the singing 'is a delight to hear as the sun goes down over the sea' . The concert dates are 28th June, 12th July, 26th July, 9th August and 23rd August so if you're down on in Cornwall on holiday this summer try and get a long to give the choir your support. You can find full details on the Polperro Fishermen's Choir website.

David is not the only member of the Lashbrooke family excited by Rett research. Lottie's parents, Ben and Debbie are both Doctors and gave up Christmas last year to raise money for a cure. They are getting fantastic support from friends too, with Jess Gossage taking on a triathlon last year inspired by Lottie.

Debbie is also part of the 12 strong Reverse Rett team at the British 10k in London on July 9th. She is running with Lottie's Auntie Fran and friends, Amie, Anna, Carolyn and Lucy.

Debbie says, 'Lottie is 6 and is the sweetest, funniest, most beatiful little girl imaginable and she is the heartbeat of our family. What is truly amazing is that she manages all of this without being able to speak or operate her body or do any of the things little girls can do. We know she has the potential to shine even brighter and give so much to the world, like every other girl and woman living with Rett Syndrome'.

'Reverse Rett are funding research that is drawing ever nearer to finding definitive treatment for this condition. Things are getting exciting. We know that with sustained research the day will come when we can reverse Rett. Every coin that is thrown into a bucket to the beautiful sound of the Polperro Fishermen's Choir is bringing that day closer. Thank you Grandad David and the members of the choir'.

Thank you to the Lashbrooke family, their friends and the Polperro Fishermen's Choir for the fundraising they are doing for a cure.

You can still join Debbie and  the Reverse Rett team at the Brish 10k in July. Full details here