Wonderful support for Reverse Rett from Quadrant2Design

We are delighted that exhibit designers, Quadrant2Design have chosen to support Reverse Rett with graphic design services and banner stand displays at this year's 8th Reverse Rett London Gala.


Alan Jenkins, Director explains: 'I believe it’s very important that there is more awareness of this condition. I consider myself well-read, but to my shame, it was only recently that I learnt that so many young lives were blighted by Rett Syndrome. We’re happy to help a little in spreading the word, and I trust our banner displays will be put to good use at this year's London event'.


Andy Stevenson, Co founder and Fundraising Manager at Reverse Rett says: 'We are deeply grateful to Alan and everybody involved at Quadrant2Design for their support. To put on an event of this size each year can be costly so to be able to cross the design and production of the banners of the list is fantastic. We are looking forward to another great night of fundraising on November 3rd as we move closer to a cure for Rett Syndrome'.


For more information about Quadrant2Design please visit their website