Proud Finlay awarded a Blue Peter Badge for his fundraising for Reverse Rett


Huge congratulations to 7-year old, Finlay who was awarded a much coveted Blue Peter badge for his fundraising for Reverse Rett.

Finlay has two sisters, Amber and Beth who have Rett Syndrome and got a taste for helping Reverse Rett when he took part in the children’s mile run at Archerfield Walled Garden near North Berwick.

His fundraising began with a climb to the top of Mam Tor in Derbyshire last year and he’s continued climbing hills and leaving painted rocks on his hikes to help spread awareness of Rett Syndrome.

Finlay at the Singing, Ringing Tree near Burnley

Finlay is building up to climbing his first mountain in 2022!

Finlay says,”I was really, really happy to have received a Blue Peter badge. I’m also looking forward to conquering my first mountain and leaving a rock for Jude at the top.

I will continue my fundraising until Amber and Beth are better.”

You can find out more about how to spread awareness for Rett Syndrome at the I Found Jude and Rocks for Rett Facebook pages.

Here’s Finlay’s letter:

Dear Finlay,

Thank you for your letter. We thought it was inspiring to read your letter about raising money to help those with Rett Syndrome. What an amazing thing to do and what a terrific amount of money you have raised. Well done! We’re awarding you a Blue Peter Badge which we hope you’ll enjoy wearing!

You’ll also need a Blue Peter Badge Card to gain free access to over 200 Blue Peter Badge attractions throughout the UK.

With best wishes from Richie, Mwaksy, Adam, Henry and all of us at Blue Peter.

Yours sincerely,

Ellen Evans, Editor, Blue Peter

PS: Great picture too!

Proud Finlay wearing his Blue Peter Badge