Reverse Rett London Gala, November 10th 2023, New venue 


This year we’re mixing up the London Gala and holding it at a new venue, the Royal College of Physicians at Regent’s Park. New venue? I hear veteran Reverse Rett supporters cry! Didn’t you have the Gala there many years ago… 

Yes, we did. From 2012-2014. I always felt sad then that we were having the Gala there at the time because it felt inappropriate for our very science and research-based organisation to be holding our key event in a venue focused on clinical care and practise.  

It’s something of a dream to come back to this venue now, at a time when the whole field is moving headlong into the clinic.  

We look forward to seeing you there and hope that you’re ready for a fun and moving evening in this beautiful setting.  

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