Reverse Rett statement on Community Fundraising and Covid19 21.09.20


In March of this year, we published a community fundraising statement outlining Reverse Rett’s approach to fundraising, in light of the developing Covid19 outbreak at that time.

In line with this statement, our own charity-wide events were suspended and the efforts of many of our committed fundraisers were necessarily paused.

For several months, the key focus of Reverse Rett’s work has been to continue to facilitate and fund the crucial work of the Centre for Personalised Medicine in Rett Syndrome, as well as supporting families, providing resources and liaising with clinicians regarding best possible care for those with Rett Syndrome during the pandemic.

We know that our supporters are anxious to push on with events and challenges, and we also know how incredibly creative and committed you are! We are, as ever, deeply grateful for your support and appreciate the level of work which goes into any fundraising, but especially in these challenging times.

At this time, as the situation remains uncertain and there is no clear end in sight, we continue to urge caution and responsibility when it comes to community fundraising.

As the guidelines change, we ask that you follow the guidance for your local area when planning events, respect social distancing and ensure that the safety of all involved comes first. If you need help with fundraising within the guidelines, please do get in touch.

At Reverse Rett, we have embraced opportunities for virtual events and have been grateful for the support these campaigns have received: our £10 for ten campaign, resilience appeal, lockdown bake-off, home run challenge, song request Tuesdays and virtual quiz nights have all proved to be creative, fun and effective ways to keep fundraising going.

We have also been in awe of many of you who have continued or started your own personal challenges during lockdown and know that these kinds of events will remain critical to funding research as this situation goes on longer.

Looking ahead, we are optimistic about developing fundraising within this new reality!

Many of you will take part ‘virtually’ in the London Marathon’s 40th race on 4th October, we hope that many more of you will also join this year’s Worldwide Walk during October as part of Rett Syndrome Awareness Month.

We are also excited to be planning our first ever ‘Big Night In’, with which we very much hope you will get involved, as well as with further digital ventures in the new year!

We remain fully committed to the projects we fund and therefore fully committed to raising the funds required to do so! We can’t do this without your help and we are deeply grateful to have such steadfast supporters fighting with us.

Thank you.