Sole Mates 25k Walk: 25th May 2019

On May 25th 2019 we are walking a 25km stretch of the well-known London to Brighton challenge, from Richmond to Sutton.

It will be a walk in honour of those whom we have lost to Rett Syndrome and in determination to change the future for those still fighting.

We will walk with as many families, friends, neighbours, colleagues and supporters as will join us. At the end of the walk we’ll head for a team meal and/or drinks in Sutton.

Please join us!

We have set up anyone who enters for Reverse Rett to be registered under the ‘mixed-funding’ option. This means that we pay half your registration fee for you.

If you register before the 28th February, you (and we!) get an additional 20% discount.

So before 28th February, entry costs you £31.60.
After 28th February, it will be £39.50.

To register, simply follow this link and complete the registration form and then follow these steps:

Select ‘Joining a Team’ where it asks ‘how are you joining the challenge’.
Select 9.00-10.30am for preferred start time.
Select ‘Reverse Rett’ from the dropdown menu of charities
Finally, under Team Info select ‘join a team’ and then choose ‘RR Sole Mates’ from the dropdown list and enter the password ReverseRett2019

The sponsorship requirement is a minimum of £119, of which £60 should have been raised 6 weeks before the event.

The team JustGiving page can be found here – once you have set up your own page please do also join the team page so we can keep track of our team target and motivate each other!

If you need help setting up a JustGiving page, or have any questions at all, please contact

We look forward to being sole mates with you!