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Change is not only possible, but within reach. Your investment yields tangible results.

Rett Syndrome research is moving fast but not fast enough for people living with Rett Syndrome and their families. We need you to join us and help turn the promising research into a cure for children and adults living with Rett Syndrome today. Please get involved in any way you can and play your part in making Rett Syndrome history. There are so many ways to get involved.

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Whoever you are, whatever you do, you can make a difference and help speed treatments and a cure for Rett Syndrome. Take part in a run, ride or climb a mountain. Hold a cake bake, quiz night or formal dinner. Be creative and do something that grabs people’s attention….sitting in a bath of beans in your local town centre would do it.

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Set up a monthly donation in honour of someone you care about. Find out if your workplace has a matched funding scheme in place, which can allow you to double your impact.

Shout about us

Galvanise the troops! If your school or work place supports a charity then push Reverse Rett forward. When people hear about the disorder, the effect on families and the potential for treatment, they tend to stop and listen…Shout it from the rooftops!

Workplace matched funding

Find out if your workplace has a matched funding scheme in place, to allow you to double your impact on Rett Syndrome research.

Leave a gift in your will

Leaving a gift in your will can make a major difference to the fight against Rett Syndrome.

“I realised many years ago that if we were ever going to make real progress in Rett Syndrome research it would have to be led by families affected by Rett Syndrome. Almost all of the money raised for Reverse Rett has come from parents, their families, friends and connections. We have made huge progress since the reversal experiments in 2007; this was the breakthrough that led me to start taking on challenges to speed up the research. With clinical trials underway it really is a matter of time before treatments are available. We need you to join us, to help make this possibility a reality. What can you do? Who do you know that can help? Please get in touch anytime to brainstorm ideas of how you can get involved.”

Andy Stevenson

Co-founder, Trustee, Fundraising Manager

Latest news

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    New Rett Registry UK launching soon!

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    Elsie’s Golf Day

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    Bitesize is Back!

    September sessions Friday 17th September 10am: Rachael and Andy Stevenson discuss the logistics for