The Northern Times: Sutherland mum reaches mid point of 5×50 challenge

Dornoch mum Stephanie Wood has passed the half-way mark in her 5×50 challenge to run, cycle or walk a 5k every day for 50 days.

Mrs Wood, whose young daughter Emilia has Rett Syndrome, is raising money for the charity Reverse Rett, which funds research to find a cure for the disorder.

She began the challenge last month and has so far raised more than £600 from 122 supporters.

“Some days have been more difficult than others, although lockdown has made it easier to want to be outside walking or running,” said Mrs Wood, who is inspired by Emilia’s example to keep on going.

She said: “Emilia has so much to deal with on a daily basis whether that be breathing problems, tiredness, lack of mobility and not being able to talk but at the same time she reminds us through her smile to stay strong. If she can smile through her day then the least we can do is smile right back at her.”

You can sponsor Steph by visiting her Just Giving page

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