I have a daughter/son with Rett Syndrome and I am a key worker. I have to go out of the house to work during the shielding period. What can I do to keep my person safe?

Explain to your employer that someone in your house is at high risk for complications of Covid-19 and is shielding.

We can provide you with a letter to explain this to your employer if this is helpful. Email for more information, subject: Keyworker.

Ask if they can support you with social distancing.

Can they change your role so that you are not coming into regular contact with the general public?

Can they provide protective equipment?

Can you be relocated so that you are working away from others?

When you get home from work, before having any contact with other family members:

Leave bags and coats by the door

Remove shoes and leave by the door or outside

Do not touch anything (light switches, door handles etc) until you have washed your hands 

Wash hands with soap for more than 20 seconds

Have a shower 

Clean your phone or purse/wallet 

Put on clean clothes