What is happening with UK Rett clinical trials during the lockdown?


Recruitment for the clinical trial for Anavex 2-73 for people with Rett Syndrome age 18-45 is ongoing. Currently the trial is paused due to non-availability of the trial sites. Clinical Research Facilities at both Manchester and King’s College Hospital Sites are currently pausing all non-Covid trials.

However, both trial sites are preparing to bring patients in as soon as they are permitted by their local CRF authorities. If you are interested in someone with Rett Syndrome between the age of 18-45 participating in the Anavex 2-73 trial please contact

Plans for a trial in children under 18 are in place, awaiting ethics approval. Please also contact to register interest in this trial.

The GW Pharmaceuticals Cannabinoid Trial was terminated in 2020 due to the on-going disruption of the pandemic. Reverse Rett continues to support UK patients on the open label extension period.

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