Will I still be able to access my child or adult’s regular medicines?

We recommend that people are prepared and ensure that they have a reasonable back up such as extra antibiotic treatment readily available in the event of increased respiratory symptoms. 

It may be possible to obtain a prescription of any regular medications you have run out of through NHS 111 online here.

For help picking up or arranging prescriptions, call 0800 028 8327

In many local areas, informal groups have been set up with volunteers who can help which you can find by searching *name of town/village covid 19 support on Facebook or on search engines. These groups can also provide information on cafes, shops and restaurants in your local area who are providing delivery services.

Be aware that these are informal groups and although some have background check requirements and processes for managing money etc whilst helping self-isolating households, some will not, so care is needed in making arrangements for assistance.

The government is in the process of setting up a more formal NHS volunteer network. More information will provided as it becomes available.

Updated 26.03.2020

If you would like to donate to the Reverse Rett Resilience Appeal, please click here

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