Research Review Committee

The purpose of the Reverse Rett Research Review Committee is to ensure that the research we fund at Reverse Rett meets the highest scientific and ethical standards. After a proposal has been through external peer review, the Research Review Committee reviews the proposal and external peer reviews, as well as any subsequent exchange between applicants and external peer reviewers


After individual and group review, the Committee then provides cohesive feedback to the Board of Trustees of Reverse Rett. Their main role is to ensure that any work they recommend for funding meets AMRC research standards and aligns with the Reverse Rett Research Strategy.

The Reverse Rett Research Review Committee comprises of professionals, including scientists, researchers and independent industry experts as well as patient voice representatives.

Reverse Rett Research Review Committee

Dr. David Greatrex  Chair

Louise Wainwright Animal Welfare Officer/Patient Voice

Joanna Tomlin Patient Voice

Dr. Jatinder Singh

John H. Sharpe Non-voting member    

Dr. Gunter Loffler Patient voice

Dr Ram Kumar

Dr. Mark Bailey

Dr. Munaf Ali