Supporting UK Clinical trials

Clinical trial supported by Reverse Rett

Reverse Rett are currently supporting the first UK clinical trial for a potential treatment for Rett Syndrome, the Sarizotan Clinical Trial (STARS) which is taking place at King's College Hospital in London, under the leadership of Dr Santosh. The STARS study is sponsored by Newron Pharmaceuticals.

Reverse Rett are supporting the study by:


  • Funding a Full-Time Clinical Trials Coordinator based at the Trial site


  • Recruiting patients from the Reverse Rett UK Patient Registry


  • Conducting pre-screening and making referrals to the trial site


  • Making travel/accomodation arrangements for families on study visits


The STARS study is a multi-centre, international clinical trial. We are currently seeking expressions of interest from families of patients over the age of 6.

If you have a child with Rett who has breathing irregularities in this age group and you have not yet registered them on the UK Rett Syndrome Patient Registry at Reverse Rett, please register today.