Hospital Passport


We know that visiting the hospital can be stressful for people with Rett Syndrome and their families. From the basics of quickly informing treating clinicians how best to take blood, to the complexities of drug interactions - our new hospital passport is here to help. 

With feedback from parents of children and adults with Rett, we have been able to complile a user-friendly questionnaire that gives doctors all the information they need in a simple and unmissable way whenever you visit hospital, both as an outpatient and as an inpatient.

We hope that having the passport available will enable healthcare professionals to quickly find out what your child or adult with Rett Syndrome’s needs are so that they can assess and treat them as needed.




If you would like a copy of the Hospital Passport, please fill out the form below and we will send one in due course.

It is also avaliable to download as a PDF on the icon below


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Portugese (Brasil) Version


For any enquiries please email: enquiries@reverserett.org.uk

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