Eye-gaze technology

If you are a parent or caregiver of a person with Rett Syndrome, you may be keen for your child or adult with Rett to have the opportunity to use eye gaze technology.

It is important to understand that successful use of eye gaze technology for people with Rett Syndrome is an undertaking which involves much more than obtaining the necessary funds or statutory approval to buy it. It is also about making sure that:

  • Your child has access to the right seating/positioning to access it.
  • Software has been properly assessed and adapted so that it is at the appropriate level her.
  • It works with your natural environment and you can dedicate time to demonstrating and modelling the language with your child or adult with Rett.

For these reasons it is important to have your child properly assessed by someone who understands the combination of challenges facing people with Rett Syndrome.

There are several ways that you can obtain an AAC assessment for your child or adult with Rett Syndrome:

  • Statutory referral (by school or Speech Therapist) to a Specialist AAC service.
  • Trial/assessment by assistive technology provider/company.
  • Independent trial/assessment.

Once your child or adult with Rett Syndrome has been properly assessed, you may know whether or not it will help them to have a dedicated device of their own.

Here you can find more information about statutory referrals to specialist AAC centres in England.

Here you can find more information about other routes to trialling technology

If you have already had an appropriate assessment and are seeking funding please see here.