Once you have trialled eye-gaze technology you will have a better idea of the sort of technology which is required for your child or adult with Rett Syndrome.

Dedicated eye-gaze devices can be prohibitively expensive. Below you can find some resources which may help you in obtaining eye-gaze equipment for the person you love:


Turn to us

Family Fund

Janki Saye Foundation

The Communication Matters website contains a list of directories for individual funding which can be found here.


Dedicated eye-gaze devices with high-price tags are not the only solution.

More and more Rett families are finding ways to utilise eye-gaze technology by obtaining the required component parts of an eye-gaze system, separately at a lower cost. These component parts usually include:

  • Windows tablet or computer
  • Eye-tracking camera
  • Appropriate software
  • Positioning equipment/mount etc.

Here is how one family did this.

If you are a family who have managed to find a low cost solution to providing eye-gaze technology for your child, please email us.

If you have further information about other useful resources for families seeking funding for eye-gaze equipment, please email us.