Where to Find Funding

Many things your child may need SHOULD be provided by a statutory authority. If you need your house adapting, for example, the Disabled Facilities Grant is available for up to £50,000 worth of building work: https://www.gov.uk/disabled-facilities-grants/overview

If you are specifically looking for help with funding for eye-gaze equipment, you can now go through the NHS AAC hubs for referral and funding:


or please go to the dedicated page on our website to find various other organisations which can help:



Disability Grants


This is a website designed specifically to help you find organisations which provide funding for the thing you are looking for. Easy to use and will give you lots of options.


Sky Badger


A website which breaks down all the different places which will provide grants for different items. Created by parents, easy to use, helpful in finding what you need.


Living Made Easy


Another website which shows you all the different organisations which provide grants for different kinds of equipment.





Provide grants for equipment to help improve the lives of children with neurological conditions, as well as plenty of useful resources on their website ranging from sleep advice to legal help to a freecycle service for passing on and finding equipment. Also have a fully adapted family holiday home in Wales given to families throughout the year on a lottery basis.


Caudwell Children:


Provide funding for a range of areas for children with disabilities or life-limiting conditions. Include grants for holidays, respite, equipment, sporting equipment, treatment and surgery.




Grant wishes to enrich the lives of children with life-limiting conditions, from holidays to meeting celebrities to equipment.


Family Fund


Provide grants to help improve the lives of disabled children. Range from sensory equipment, tablets, bedding, holidays, bikes etc. Cam be applied for once a year.




Design and make life-changing equipment for children with disabilities, where no suitable product is available on the open market. Can also adapt existing equipment.


Roald Dahl Charity


Provide grants of up to £500 for UK families who are facing financial difficulties and who are caring for a seriously ill child. Grants cover a wide range of support, including respite, equipment, communication, therapies and household bills.