Andy Stevenson to run London Marathon for Reverse Rett

A charity founder is set to run the London Marathon to mark his 50th birthday – 20 years after last taking on the challenge.

Andy Stevenson, from Burtonwood, last completed the 26-mile run in 1999 and marked his 50th in March.

Under a year later, his daughter Beth would be born seemingly healthy – but would later be struck down with Rett syndrome, which has left the now 19-year-old unable to move and speak.

Having previously run the London Marathon for the Foundation for Sudden Infant Death in memory of his nephew James, Andy will be raising funds for Reverse Rett – the charity he co-founded in 2010 in order to raise funds to fight the neurological condition – in the re-run later this month.

You can read the full article from the Warrington Guardian here