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Spreading awareness and delivering treatments for a rare disease like Rett Syndrome is a real challenge, as most people have never heard of Rett Syndrome.
If the podcast resonates with you, please share it with a family member or friend who you think could benefit from listening.

This project has philanthropic support from the Pears Foundation, for frontline organisations and their communities, and is funded as part of Government’s £750m charities package.


Latest Podcasts

Welcome to the Reverse Rett Podcast. Through the podcast, we want to share the stories of families and carers of many different backgrounds, to show how different people manage their lives. We’ll also be interviewing doctors and researchers working in the field to help unpick the science, and unlock strategies that can help all of us, and our people with Rett Syndrome, live as healthy a life as possible.

‘The last 12 months has been a difficult and isolating time for all of us, especially for those who are trying to protect someone with a rare disease and manage the often overwhelming responsibility of caring for them at the same time. In this time where we are all consistently ‘connected’ but increasingly disconnected, we hope the podcast gives listeners insight into the lives of families who love someone with Rett Syndrome and where needed, a sense of solidarity throughout these challenging days.’


Rachael Stevenson, Co-founder/Executive Director of Reverse Rett