Core Marketing Partners create a Reverse Rett Re-brand as we enter a New Era


Core Marketing Partners have been helping Reverse Rett, pro-bono since 2018. They heard about Rett syndrome when Managing Partner, Mike Jones’s friend’s daughter, Elsie was diagnosed with it.

Immediately they offered to help and have created three powerful advertising campaigns that appeared in National newspapers, on trains, tubes and billboards. They have helped spread the word about Rett syndrome and the work of Reverse Rett further than ever before.

We were delighted when Mike Jones strengthened his connection with us by joining our Board of Trustees in 2022.

Mike said at the time of his appointment, “I got involved because of Elsie and having since learnt so much about Rett Syndrome and the work Reverse Rett do, I want to be able to assist in any small way I can to help all families dealing with this horrible neurological condition.

I have two teenage kids myself, unaffected by Rett, and every day I just feel very lucky, I have also been fortunate that everyone at Core wants to do something that could help bring about change.”

As we enter a new, hugely positive era for everyone affected by Rett syndrome with the first gene therapy clinical trial for Rett syndrome underway with more on the way we wanted to create a new logo and refresh our brand colours. We knew that Core were the people to deliver this for us.

We spent time with the team from Core at their office in London earlier this year, explaining more about Rett syndrome, the impact it has on families and discussing ideas about our branding.

We launched our bold, new branding at the 14th Reverse Rett London Gala at the Royal College of Physicians on November 10th 2023 with this video and a short speech from Mike, we hope you like it as much as we do.