Episode #25 Gareth Warne with Andy Stevenson


It’s been a while but the Reverse Rett podcast is back!

It was a pleasure to speak to the Pink Elephant man himself earlier this week as he approaches his latest crazy challenge for Reverse Rett.

When Gareth Warne lost his sister Reverse Rett didn’t exist. In fact, back in 2005 there didn’t seem to be any Rett Syndrome research on the horizon. Two years later the reversal experiments happened and the future for people with Rett Syndrome looked suddenly brighter.

Sadly, this new hope came too late for Angharad who passed away suddenly aged 17. 

Gareth discovered Reverse Rett in 2013 and has been doing challenges ever since. Each one has been more brutal than the one before but Gareth keeps taking them on inspired by the memory of his younger sister, Angharad.

Gareth talks about Angharad, what drives him on to keep on pushing himself through the pain barrier and the reason behind the Pink Elephant.

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