Episode #9 Mark Reilly with Andy Stevenson


This week we have a change of presenter, me, Andy Stevenson.

It was a real pleasure to spend some time talking to former Professional Footballer, Ironman and dad to Dionne, Mark Reilly.

Mark and I have known each other for a good few years now. We have a lot in common with him and my dad being born in Bellshill, them both playing professional football with their first club being Motherwell and us both doing the National 3 Peaks as our first challenge for Reverse Rett. He’s also just 2 weeks younger than me.

During our conversation we talk about his career and his two epic challenges for 2021, the brutal Marathon des Sables (MDS) and a 100 mile run where he will visit 4 of the clubs he played for professionally which he has set a 30 hour time limit on.

Mark has inspired so much support from his former clubs, friends, fans and the media over the past 8 years and his latest adventures have already captured their imagination once again with over £4000 already having been donated.

I’m truly grateful to Mark for taking the time to talk to me so openly. His story of Dionne’s life is very similar to my own with my daughter, Beth and spending those couple of hours with him was a real rollercoaster of emotions.

Mark would welcome support on his 100 mile run so if you would like to run a few miles with this Scottish Cup winner on his journey from St Johnstone to Motherwell to St Mirren and finally Kilmarnock please contact Mark at [email protected]

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