Reverse Rett Lakers


By Andy Stevenson

The Reverse Rett Lakers took on a beast of a challenge on the weekend of June 10th. Despite sweltering in the heat the five strong team made it safely to the finish line in Kendal with 100k under their belts.

Bonnie McKendrick was walking for her daughter, Sophie and Alba’s Amblers consisted of her parents, Dan Thorne and Megan Shepherd plus Dan’s brother, Ben and friend Rupert Hodges.

Both Sophie and Alba and their families were at the finish line to greet the walkers which made the event so special for everyone. Despite the blisters, the oppressive heat and various injuries those two little girls made the team dig very deep to ensure they got to the end.

They may have been a small group but they punched well above their weight as they raised a whopping….


It was brilliant to be able to be in Kendal to cheer the Reverse Rett Lakers in from their epic challenge. We found it incredibly moving to see Sophie, Harry and Georgia greet Bonnie in their ‘we love you mum’ t-shirts and to see little Alba join her exhausted parents to walk their last few steps with them over the finish line. As always, we are deeply grateful to and humbled by the sight of dedicated families like these in a Reverse Rett t-shirt giving their all to support vital work to accelerate treatments for our children and theirs. Thank you so much to all of you who took part.

Rachael Stevenson, Co-Founder, CEO Reverse Rett