‘Stop the Creep’ campaign gains momentum, can you help?

By Andy Stevenson

Elsie, the girl who inspired a nationwide campaign

Thanks to Elsie, who was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome in November 2018 and the guys at Core Marketing Partners, Reverse Rett launched #StopTheCreep in November last year, the first UK wide advertising campaign featuring Rett Syndrome.

The aim of the campaign is to spread the word to the general public about Rett Syndrome and the work of Reverse Rett. Almost all the money raised for Rett research comes from families, their friends, and connections because if you haven’t been touched by something you are unlikely to fundraise for it. Even more obvious though is that if you haven’t even heard of something you are definitely not going to fundraise for it. That is the case with Rett Syndrome, it’s very rare that you meet someone who has heard of it.

The campaign is based on facts to help educate people who know absolutely nothing about it. The word creep has a double meaning. Firstly, it’s a horrible condition and a creep is as good a way as describing it as any and secondly it ‘creeps’ up on our children with symptoms worsening as they get older, that has certainly happened to my daughter, Beth.

The very first ad in the Metro

The campaign began with adverts in the Metro newspaper which reaches over 2.5 million people every day in the UK. The ad is currently on trains all over the South of England and we have high hopes that the campaign will reach many more members of the public during 2020.

We have relied on kindness to get this campaign off the ground. The ads were created and designed by the team at Core and all the ads have been placed FREE OF CHARGE through friends and connections of families living with Rett Syndrome.

We still need help though. If you know anyone with advertising connections then please reach out to them and ask if they’d be willing to support the campaign. Wouldn’t it be great to see Rett Syndrome on billboards, buses, bus stops, tubes and trams all over the country as well as print and digital media? If you think you can help then please contact me at

A Facebook group has been set up as a bit of fun but also to gauge the impact the ads are having, please join and if you see an ad on your travels please take a picture, post it on the page and tell us your location. Thank you in advance for joining and PLEASE invite your friends to do the same 💜