The London 10k Challenge


On Sunday 25th July, after only three weeks’ preparation, our 16-strong team took on the ASICS London 10k. Due to concerns about lifted restrictions and the need to shield vulnerable children at home, some of the team ended up running their kms solo locally, whilst the rest joined the crowds in central London for the official race. Everyone did their bit, not only in getting the distance done but also in raising over £11k – a fantastic amount! Here are some of their highlights from the day . . .

“There were two moments for me on Sunday that really got me quite emotional. I had a goal in mind to hit my fundraising target before I started the run, and on the train on the way into London, I managed to hit that target and it brought a little tear to my eye! The other was when jogging past one of the DJ’s, they shouted: ‘Big shout to Clive, doing this for Shona’ – that sent a shiver down my spine as it reminded me of why I was there, and gave me the buzz I needed to finish the race.” Clive, friend of Shona.

“I think the highlight was probably how much I felt like I was in a team even though I ran solo (with Adam cheering me along). Having the team JustGiving page and Whatsapp group made for a motivating feeling, knowing we were all pulling together for Reverse Rett, each of us having been touched by this in different ways!” Sarah Weston, aunt to Amber.

“The highlight of the 10K walk for me was being able to admire the beautiful key landmarks in London, with no bother of cars and traffic on the roads. After lockdown seeing so many people with smiling faces, cheering us all on was such an uplifting experience. The atmosphere and the groups of people playing all kinds of music on different instruments to motivate us along the way, together with the thought of how generous family and friends have been with their donations and encouraging messages leaves a beautiful feeling which surpasses all the mixed emotions of the prior year and a half.” Rashida, finance manager at Reverse Rett.

“Amazing day, full of nerves wondering if I’d make it round and gratitude to everyone who helped us raise so much for Reverse Rett during these difficult times. When it got tough I thought of how Frankie struggles every day to put one foot in front of the other and then with the crowds cheering you on, the music and seeing all the other people running or walking for their own causes, it kept me going! Having my son Cameron do it with me for his sister was the icing on the cake, and of course getting to the finish line and celebrating with everyone was fabulous!” Rita, mum to Frankie and Reverse Rett trustee.

Congratulations and deepest thanks to every member of the team and to every single person who donated, shared and cheered them on!

If you’d still like to donate to their efforts, you can do so here.