The UK Rett Syndrome community is at a pivotal moment at the moment with two clinical trials of gene therapies underway. 


Much is going to be required of our very small, rare disease organisation at this time. At Reverse Rett, we are packing a mighty punch in accelerating disease-modifying treatments for Rett syndrome but we need your support to keep our work going.  

Whoever you are, whatever you do, if our work matters to you, please think about how you can help as we move into the New Year. Perhaps you’re a baker, why not bake a cake and ask people to donate to guess the weight?  Maybe you could ask your local hairdresser or nail shop to keep a Reverse Rett donation box for you? Or maybe you want to take the challenge of one of our epic walks or treks. 

Looking for inspiration? Watch this short film about this year’s trekkers below