We’re making change happen


We’re a charity dedicated to changing the lives of children and adults with Rett Syndrome. We believe change is not only possible, it’s within reach.

We’re a forward-thinking organisation, full of heart, positivity and optimism.

Not only do we raise funds for research into treatments and a cure, we connect people whose lives and careers have been affected by Rett Syndrome with a network of researchers, medical professionals and families who understand what living with the condition is really like.

Funding research, finding hope

We fund research and forge connections between scientists, doctors and those affected by Rett, maintaining pressure and momentum for treatments and a cure.

Your investment has a direct impact.

Funds raised for or donated to Reverse Rett go directly to scientific and clinical research with tangible results.

Living with Rett Syndrome.

Practical information and resources to help keep children and adults with Rett Syndrome healthy until treatments and a cure become available.

Together we’ll deliver a cure.

We’re a dedicated team from the UK working in partnership with the US-based Rett Syndrome Research Trust. Together we will deliver a cure for Rett Syndrome in a timeframe which is meaningful for people living with the condition today.

Latest news

  • Quadrant2Design support Reverse Rett again

    Quadrant2Design support Reverse Rett again

    Exhibition Stand Designers Quadrant2Design have chosen to support Reverse Rett by donating three pull
  • Enjoy the Great British Outdoors and help fund Rett research too!

    Enjoy the Great British Outdoors and help fund Rett research too!

    You may have heard us say, on more than one occasion, that the wonderful
  • MECP2 Duplication: research progress

    MECP2 Duplication: research progress

    Amazing progress in MECP2 Duplication Syndrome research has made a cure a realistic possibility.

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